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Sligo Creek Golf Course
9701 Sligo Creek Pkwy,
Silver Spring, MD 20901
Sunday, Oct 2, 2016
(1.00 pm to 3.00 pm)

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Nepal Sport and Culture International (NSCII) is organizing various sports events throughout the year. I would like to request you to participate these events. Even you do not play sports , we welcome your presence and request you to invite your friends and family to cheer sporting event. Anybody can participate , who loves Nepal, who wants to help Nepal.  Even who can’t  participate in event, you can DONATE and contribute to our cause.

We heartily request for support and participation to making this event a success. Please see more Events Info  to participate.

Sita Pandey (NSCII)

Sports & Culture – a glory of our life ...

Nepal Sports & Culture International  is  a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization in USA.
Its mainly works in as following field.
1. Education
2. Sports
3. Culture
Education- We try to identify talented youth in Nepali community.
We encourage honor and award they through “Excellent Youth Awards  and youth programs.
How it works: We specially focus on high school students and select 35 students as academic merit basis  and 15 students from sports, extra activities and   other talents and achievements . This is nationwide competition  and all high school students ( grade 9/ 10/11 and 12 ) are  eligible to participate in this program.
But in this criteria , the 50 students will  be selected from 500 participants or more participants. If less then this  numbers, the awards number might be less . So,  awards would be calculate according  to the enrollments.
Objectives of this Program :
To build strong Nepali community in USA and North America.
To transfer Nepali culture and value in new generation , specially in abroad.
To help to get scholarship in higher education and renown colleges and universities.
To honor youth and recognized their potentiality and talents.
This awards might to asset to get scholarship in expensive  and renown colleges. Students feel proud and play role models and inspire to other students.
Parents/ guardians and teachers are also get recognition and feel proud for their achievements.
Though this program,  we will try to bring  together-  among pioneer  and new generation and it will  fill up the gap  in seniors and young generation.
Procedures:  We announce about this program couple of times in the year in  media/ social media for the their enrollments. We also request and encourage parents, guardians and teachers  to inform and encourage their children and students for their participation in this program. We don’t want  leave any talented student behind this program. So, please join us .
The participation would be online.
The end of the each year, we evaluate( There will be  independent sports/ academic committee evaluation ) will be  announced  Excellent Youth Awards of the Year  – 50 students, nationwide.
In a special day and  dignitaries will honor those 50 students, who will received this awards.
By the same occasion, we will organized various sports activities, indoor and out doors.
We will also organized  sports quiz, sports forum and culture program too.
We will invite sports goods company and vendors to promote their production as well as honor and supports Nepali Talented Youth. We will celebrate this events as  an Education, Sports and Culture festival.



Nepali Youth, Sports & Talent Awards Ceremony

Nepal Sports & Culture International (NSCI) is a non-profit organization. The organization’s main objective is to promote youth, sports & Nepali culture. NSCI’s programs and activities will focus on achieving its main objective. One of the NSCI’s programs is identifying Young Talents of Nepali origin to expose their talent, skill and ability and to award them.
An Academic &Technical Committee will be formed under the NSCI for this purpose.

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NSCII’s Events January – December, 2015

NSCI Events

Events starting from January.




Membership Type & Fees :

Definition of Life Membership:

This type of membership will be life- long. It does not need to be renewed. A life member will get all privileges of an active general member along with voting right. This membership is open for all.

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